Hướng dẫn giải unit 11: Vocabulary và Grammar. Đây là phần bài bác tập nằm trong SBT tiếng anh 6 Global success được soạn theo chương trình thay đổi của bộ giáo dục. Hi vọng, với giải pháp hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải cụ thể học sinh sẽ có tác dụng bài xuất sắc hơn.

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Question 1: Solve the following crossword puzzle



1. Dirty ______ causes breathing problems.

4. Things you throw away because you don"t need them are called ______

7. You can take these bottles to______ the factory to them.

8. Please______ your envelopes.


2. If you______ the time for you shower, you will save a lot of water.

3. Loud ______can annoy people.

5. You can make flower vases from old ______

6. Fish die when______ in lakes, rivers và oceans is dirty. 


1. Air 2. Reduce 3. Noisy 4. Rubbish

5. Bottles 6. Waste 7. Recycle 8. Raise

Question 2: Read each way for preventing pollution và match it with a suitable picture. 





Question 3: Write a / an or the.

1. We have ____cat, ____dog, and ____ goldfish as pets. 

2. ____ Earth is the third planet from ____Sun 

3. My grandfather is ____astronaut and my father is ____ pilot

4. Vì chưng you live in ____ house or ____flat?

5. Vì chưng you have ____umbrella in your car?


1. A, a, a

2. The, the

3. An, a

4. A, a

5. An

Question 4: Complete the following conversation by putting in the correct positive or negative forms of the verbs in brackets. 

Vy: What are you doing, Mi?

Mi: I"m writing a paragraph about the ways khổng lồ save our environment. 

Vy: Let me see. ( Vy reeds Mi"s writing.) If you (1. Take) _______ a shower instead of a bath, you (2. Save) _______ water.

Mi: Can you give me some more ideas?

Vy: Sure. If you (3. Cycle) _______ more, there (4. Be) _______ less air pollution.

Mi: Why? Vy: It"s simple. If you (5. Cycle) _______ ,you (6. Produce)______ fumes. If there (7. Be) _______ fumes, the air (8. Be) _______ cleaner

Mi: I see. I have another idea. If people (9. Plant) more trees, there (10. Be) _______ floods. 

Vy: That"s right. (Vy looks at her watch.) Oh, it"s five already. If I (11. Not hurry) _______ I (12. Be) _______ late for my English class. Bye, Mi.

Mi: Bye, Vy.

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1. Take 2. Will save 3. Cycle 4. Will be

5. Don"t cycle 6. Will produce 7. Are 8. Won"t

9. Plant 10. Won"t 11. Don"t 12. Will be

Question 5: Use the words given lớn make first conditional sentences. Make necessary changes and showroom some words.

1. If / burn rubbish, / produce harmful smoke. 

2. If / reuse these bottles, / save a lot of money. 

3. If / use recycled paper, / save / trees. 

4. If / plant trees in the schoolyard, / school / greener place 

5. If / rubbish bin in every class, / classroom / cleaner. 


1. If you burn rubbish, you will produce harmful smoke 

2. If we reuse bottles, we will save a lot of money 

3. If students use recycled paper, they will save the trees

4. If students plant trees in the schoolyard, their school will be a greener place