1A RAINBOW ON YOUR PLATENowadays, we are all aware of the fact that we (1) _______ be eating a healthydiet. We get advice from (2) _______ ; TV, radio, magazines, books, videos andthe mạng internet as well (3) _______ friends, colleagues và family. Well, if you findall this advice a little confusing, then there is now a much simpler solution,dieting by colour. The Colour Diet is (4) _______ on the theory that the naturalcolour of food reflects (5) _______ nutritional content. For example green foods(6) _______ as broccoli, spinach and lettuce (7) _______ high levels of betacarotene và glucose. These help reduce the risk of cancer, are a good source ofiron và act as powerful antioxidants, while yellow foods lượt thích bananas, corn andlemons have potassium and vitamin C which can reduce the pain of arthritis,reduce stress & be a good source (8) _______ energy. The principles of thecolour diet are very easy lớn follow. Make sure that each meal contains a (9)_______ of colours, and you will be eating a balanced, healthy diet. Butremember, the colours have to be natural. Eating a packet of Smarties a day willnot give you anything (10) _______ toothache.1.A. WillB. NeedC. OughtD. Should2.A. AnywhereB. SomewhereC. EverywhereD. Elsewhere3.A. AsB. ByC. FromD. To4.A. FixedB. BasedC. WrittenD. Formed5.A. ItsB. HisC. HerD. Their6.A. LikeB. SuchC. SimilarD. Including7.A. AddB. OwnC. NeedD. Contain8.A. InB. ToC. OfD. For9.A. VarietyB. MinimumC. BlendD. Pattern10.A. FromB. ButC. ApartD. Except2On December 4, 1872, Captain David Morehouse spotted another ship. It wassailing without direction, (1) _______ he approached it in (2) _______ lớn offerhelp. (3) _______, when he reached the ship he found that it (4) _______ beenabandoned. (5) _______ everything was soaked with seawater, CaptainMorehouse managed to sail it to lớn Gibraltar. The name of the ship was MaryCeleste and what happened khổng lồ the crew remains a mystery. The ship’s cargoconsisted of industrial alcohol and, according to lớn one theory, this (6) _______ havestarted khổng lồ leak. (7) _______ that the ship was about to go up in flames, the captain(8) _______ have ordered everyone into the lifeboat, (9) _______ then becameseparated from the ship. However, it is unlikely that we will ever find (10)_______ the truth.1.A. SoB. SinceC. ButD. Because2.A. PurposeB. IntentionC. OrderD. Aim3.A. ThereforeB. HoweverC. NextD. As a result4.A. HasB. WasC. WereD. Had5.A. DespiteB. HoweverC. AlthoughD. Because6.A. AnB. MayC. Can’tD. Will7.A. BelievedB. BelieveC. BelievingD. Belief8.A. MightB. CanC. OughtD. Should9.A. ThatB. WhichC. WhoD. Where10.A. OffB. OnC. InD. Out3BETTE NESMITH GRAHAM - A WOMAN IN BUSINESSBette Nesmith Graham had always wanted to be an artist, but in the 1940s, shewas a (1) _______ mother with a child to (2) _______. She learned typing andfound work as a secretary. She was an efficient employee who was (3) _______ ofher work & tried to find a better way to correct typing. She remembered thatartists painted over their mistakes, so why not typists?With this idea in (4) _______, Graham put paint, the same colour as the officestationery, into a bottle and took her brush to lớn work. She used this lớn correct hertyping mistakes & her monster never (5) _______. Soon everyone in the office wasusing it.In 1956, Graham started the Mistake Out Company from her home. Herkitchen (6) _______ a laboratory in which she mixed up an improved hàng hóa (7)_______ her food mixer. Although she worked (8) _______ hours, she made littlemoney. Then, one day she made a mistake at work that she couldn’t correct, andher quái dị sacked her. She now had the time to lớn (9) _______ to lớn selling Liquid Paper,and the business boomed. By 1967, it was a million-dollar (10) _______.1.A. SingleB. LonelyC. AloneD. Solitary2.A. CarryB. SupportC. ProvideD. Maintain3,A. PleasedB. ArrogantC. BoastfulD. Proud4.A. HeartB. MindC. HeadD. Thought5.A. FoundB. UnderstoodC. RealisedD. Recognised6.A. BecameB. ConvertedC. TurnedD. Developed7.A, intoB. ByC. WithD. Through8.A. LargeB. LongC. GreatD. Slow9.A. PassB. SpendC. InvestD. Devote10.A. WorkB. ProductionC. BusinessD. Trade4THE CHOCOLATE FACTORYWould you lượt thích a job where you could eat chocolate (1) _______ day? Well,such a job does exist! Did you know that most chocolate factories (2) _______chocolate tasters? Their job is to lớn taste the chocolate while it is being (3) _______and say if it is too sweet or too bitter. You have lớn be very good at tastingdifferent (4) _______ và you have to phản hồi on (5) _______ the chocolatefeels as well. Is it smooth or crunchy? Unfortunately, you can’t just go along andsay you like chocolate that, I’m afraid, is not enough! Most chocolate tasters havea degree (6) _______ food technology and you will not be able khổng lồ work (7)_______ you have had lots of training. Then you have lớn go through several (8)_______ before you can be selected. If you think you would be good at chocolatetasting then try lớn develop your taste buds by tasting different chocolate (9)_______ blindfold. See if you can tell what type of chocolate it is. If you get a joblike this, you will not be well-paid but most tasters enjoy their job so much that(10) _______ is not very important.1.A. WholeB. AllC. EntireD. Each2.A. EmployB. UseC. UtilizeD. Rent3.A. Carried outB. DoneC. MadeD. Fabricated4.A. ScentsB. OdoursC. SmellsD. Flavours5.A. WhatB. WhyC. HowD. If6,A. OfB. AboutC. OnD. In7.A. WhenB. UntilC. AlthoughD. After8.A. ExperimentsB. TrialsC. TestsD. Exams9.A. BarsB. SticksC. RodsD. Pieces10.A. IncomeB. PaymentC. WageD. Pay5GREENPEACEGreenpeace is an independent organisation that campaigns to protect the environment. It has approximately 4.5 million members worldwide in 158 countries,300.000 of these in the United Kingdom. (1) _______ in North America in 1971,it has since opened offices round the world. As (2) _______ as its campaigning(3) _______, it also has a charitable trust which (4) _______ scientific researchand (5) _______ educational projects on environmental issues. Greenpeace (6)_______ in non-violent direct action. Activists (7) _______ public attention toserious threats to lớn the environment. (8) _______ issues on which the organisationis campaigning include the atmosphere (global warming), the (9) _______ of therainforests & toxic (10) _______ being emitted from factories.1.A. BuiltB. ProducedC. InventedD. Formed2.A. LongB. WellC. GoodD. Far3.A. WorkB. JobC. OccupationD. Position4.A. PaysB. FundsC. RewardsD. Earns5.A. UndertakesB. EngagesC. CommitsD. Enters6.A. AcceptsB. BelievesC. HoldsD. Depends7.A. GetB. PayC, drawD. Take8.A. CurrentB. RecentC. ImmediateD. Next9.A. RuinB. ExtinctionC. DestructionD. Downfall10A. LeftoversB. LitterC. RubbishD. Waste6Can you imagine working on a writing project for seventeen years? J.K. Rowling first (1) _______ up with the idea of Harry Potter in 1990 but it was not until2007 that she finally completed the last book in the series. In 1990, of course, shehad no idea how much Harry would take (2) _______ her life, or that she wouldend (3) _______ as a multimillionaire. But (4) _______ then, the books have beentranslated into over 60 languages và also been made into films, each of whichhas been a (5) _______ with cinema audiences. It is not just J.K. Rowling’s lifewhich has been transformed. The same can be said of Daniel Radcliffe, theteenage actor who (6) _______ Harry Potter. Although he made his acting (7)_______ in 1999, it was in the role of Harry Potter that he found his route to (8)_______. The final film is expected khổng lồ come out in 2010. By then Daniel will (9)_______ been acting in this role for ten years. & after seventeen years, hasRowling now (10) _______ out of ideas? It seems not. She is currently writingtwo new books, one for adults and one for children, and is also planning tocompile an encyclopaedia of the Harry Potter world.1.A. CameB. WentC. TookD. Brought2.A. OutB. UpC. OverD. Off3.A. InB. UpC. DownD. Out4.A. AfterB. UntilC. ForD. Since5.A. BlowB. KnockC. HitD. Smash6.A. PlaysB. PerformsC. ShowsD. Makes7.A. DebateB. DebutC. DebrisD. DebitS.A. StardomB. StardustC. StarburstD. Starlight9.A. HasB. BeC. HaveD. Was10A. TakenB. ComeC. GoneD. Run7THE PRICE OF FAMECharlotte Church looks lượt thích a normal teenager, but she is far from average. Shehas an amazing voice. Her fans stand in (1) _______ for hours to get tickets forher concerts, and she is often on television. Charlotte’s singing (2) _______ beganwhen she performed on a TV show at the age of 11. The head of a recordcompany was so impressed by her voice that he (3) _______ her up on the spot.Her first album rose lớn number one in the charts.Charlotte still attends school in her home town when she can. (4) _______, sheis often away on tour for weeks at a time. She doesn’t miss out on lessons,though, because she takes her own tutor with her! She (5) _______ three hoursevery morning with him. Her exam results in all the (6) _______ she studies areimpressive.But how does she (7) _______ with this unusual way of life? She (8) _______that she has the same friends as before. That may be true, but she can no longer gointo town with then because everybody stops her in the street to lớn ask for her (9)_______. It seems that, lượt thích most stars, she must learn lớn (10) _______ these restrictions and the lack of privacy. It’s the price of fame.1.A. RowsB. FilesC. RanksD, queues2.A. ProfessionB. JobC. CareerD. Labour3.A. WroteB. SignedC. MadeD. Picked4.A. HoweverB. WhileC. ForD. Although5.A. TakesB. SpendsC. UtilisesD. Uses6.A. TitlesB. MaterialsC. LessonsD. Subjects7.A. CopeB. AdjustC. BearD. Tolerate8.A. DeniesB. RefusesC. InsistsD. Complains9.A. SignatureB. AutographC. SignD. Writing10.A. Look down onB. Make bởi withC. Run out ofD. Put up with8REGRETSMost of us are always forgetting important dates, (1) _______ from the luckyfew who are blessed with a good memory or the (2) _______ to organize themselves so they don’t forget important obligations. How many times have we allsaid, “I wish I had remembered!” How often have we (3) _______ people byfailing lớn remember their birthdays or name days?Although they say it doesn’t matter, we know, deep down, that we have hurttheir (4) _______. We can always try khổng lồ make it (5) _______ to lớn them next timebut unfortunately the (6) _______ has been done and our relationship with thatperson can never quite be the same again.On the other (7) _______, we sometimes vày too much for someone elsebecause we want to please them & then feel we have damaged our own interestsin (8) _______ doing. When friends are involved we may find it difficult khổng lồ say“no” when they ask us lớn (9) _______ them a favour, but true friendship shouldmean that we can say “no” without risk (10) _______ the relationship.1.A. OffB. ExceptC. AwayD. Apart2.A. CapacityB. AbilityC. ProficiencyD. Aptitude3.A. WoundedB. HurtC. InjuredD. Offended4.A. SoulsB. SentimentsC. FeelingsD. Emotions5.A. BackB. UpC. ForD. Again6.A. DamageB. InjuriesC. DetrimentsD. Losses7.A. ApproachB. WayC. MethodsD. Hand8.A. SoB. SuchC. ThusD. That9.A. FetchB. MakeC. DoD. Bring10.A. ForB. ToC. TowardsD. With9AIRPORT ROBBER GETS trăng tròn YEARSThe leader of a gang of thieves who stole £5 million from a Belgian airportwas yesterday (1) _______ to đôi mươi years in prison. The High Court in Brusselsheard that Ricky Cools, aged 35, had remained in the country after the robberyhad taken (2) _______ because of his (3) _______ of flying. The court was toldthat the gang had (4) _______ themselves as security guards in order to gainaccess to lớn the airport & (5) _______ the crime. Once inside the restricted area,they had (6) _______ a security vehicle, firing several warning (7) _______ fromtheir automatic weapons. They then (8) _______ the cash và ran to lớn a waitinglight aircraft, which immediately left the country. Cools, however, preferred towalk through the airport terminal to lớn the railway station. He was later (9) _______on a train bound for Amsterdam, after he was recognised by police (10) _______closed circuit television at the station.1.A. ConvictedB. SentencedC. AssignedD. Persecuted2.A. PartB. NoticeC. PlaceD. Off3.A. FrightB. FearC. WorryD. Concern4.A. WrappedB. ServedC. UncoveredD. Disguised5.A. CommitB. MakeC. StalkD. Attend6.A. BlackmailedB. AttackedC. BurgledD. Smuggled7.A. ShotsB. BangsC. CrashesD. Blasts8.A. PlantedB. EnvelopedC. SeizedD. Overtook9.A. HijackedB. ProsecutedC. SuspendedD. Detained10.A. LookingB. SeeingC. WatchingD. Viewing10HAIR-RAISING FACTSPanic is rising (1) _______ hair stylists in Denmark. Some of those who oftencolour, perm or highlight hair - 125 stylists in all - are complaining (2) _______symptoms which may indicate brain damage. Authorities have been forced toinvestigate, and it appears that many stylists are (3) _______ from memory loss,nausea and frequent headaches. The reason is that the chemicals (4) _______ produce harmful fumes. The hairdressers’ unions are funding investigations into theproblem. However, scientists are (5) _______ because the quantity of chemicalsused is not enough to lớn be harmful. Many stylists are now worried, so Denmark has(6) _______ strict regulations. Manufacturers must now list all the chemicalscontained in the products. (7) _______ ventilation must be provided inhairdressing salons & clients will wear a special perm-helmet, (8) _______ thefumes away from the stylist. All of Europe will have to lớn (9) _______ these newregulations. At the moment, everything is still at the committee stage, but soon therevolutionary perm-helmet will be worn in all salons. Final decisions will be (10)_______ when hairdressers’ unions moot in Brussels to lớn discuss the problem.1.A. InB. AmongC. BetweenD. At2.A. FromB. AboutC. OfD. Because3.A. ExperiencingB. SufferingC. ImpairedD. Injured4.A. OperatedB. ConsumedC. UsedD. Exploited5.A. ScepticalB. ThoughtfulC. DoubtfulD. Scornful6.A. InitiatedB. LaunchedC. PassedD. Introduced7.A. AbundantB. AmpleC. SurplusD. Plenty8.A. DirectingB. LeadingC. TurningD. Guiding9.A. Apply toB. FollowC. Comply withD. Fulfil10.A. IntroducedB. DoneC. GivenD. Made11ADVENTURES IN THE FILM WORLDThe latest blockbuster to hit our cinemas is an adventure film which was made(1) _______ location in Spain. The (2) _______ is quite simple; a teenagerdiscovers (3) _______ secret papers which show that the President is in danger.Then she disappears!We interviewed the actress who (4) _______ the part of the teenager in thefilm, Juliet Roberts. It (5) _______ things did not always go well during the production. First, Juliet nearly missed being in the film. Apparently, a copy of the_______. Which the producer had sent her to lớn read, got lost in the post. Then, in themiddle of filming, part of the background (7) _______ fell on a member of thecamera (8) _______. Luckily, the man was not seriously hurt but they had to lớn (9)_______ another cameraman lớn take his place at short notice. Something evenworse happened a few days later when the director slipped and broke his leg. It(10) _______ him Quite a long time to recover from the shock and he had todirect the final scenes of the film from his wheelchair.1.A. OnB. InC. AtD. To2.A. DramaB. IntrigueC. PlotD. Line3.A. AnyB. TheC. FewD. Some4.A. DoesB. PlaysC. MakesD. Holds5.A. LooksB. TellsC. StrikesD. Seems6.A. LinesB. WordsC. ScriptD. Little7.A. SceneryB. SettingC. SceneD. View8.A. PartyB. CrewC. ArtistsD. Workers9.A. RentB. BuyC. HireD. Purchase10A: neededB. TookC. LastedD. Used12JAMES DEANIf you ask anyone to (1) _______ a famous rebel, the chances are they will sayJames Dean. But who was James Dean, và was he really as rebellious as webelieve?James Dean was born in 1931 in Indiana, USA. His father was a dental technician. The family (2) _______ lớn Los Angeles in 1936, but Dean returned toIndiana after his mother died, where he was (3) _______ by his uncle and aunt.Dean was a bright and hardworking student, và was not particularly rebellious atschool. After returning to California, Dean joined an acting workshop, và wasgiven minor roles in films, on stage and in TV commercials. In 1951 he went toNew York to lớn further his acting (4) _______. Deans acting (5) _______ was soonrecognised, và he was asked lớn join the Actors Studio. As he wrote in a letter tohis family in 1952: “It is the best thing that can (6) _______ lớn an actor.”Television & theatre work followed, and Dean became highly (7) _______within the industry.James Dean starred in only three films, & had only been world famous forjust over a year when he was killed in a car (8) _______ in September 1955.It was his death at such a young (9) _______, & the rebellious roles heplayed in the films Rebel Without a Cause và East of Eden, rather than his offscreen (10) _______, that have made him a legend. Lượt thích Marilyn Monroe, ElvisPresley và Frank Sinatra, James Dean is an icon of the twentieth century.1.A. NameB. TellC. CallD. Repeat2.A. LocatedB. RemovedC. MovedD. Lived3.A. Grown upB. Brought upC. Taken overD. Taken off4.A. JobB. WorkC. CareerD. Employment5.A. TalentB. QualificationC. KnowledgeD. Recommendation6.A. BecomeB. Take placeC. OccurD. Happen7.A. LovedB. RespectedC. AdoredD. Worshipped8.A. AccidentB. MisfortuneC. DisasterD. Hit9.A. EraB. PeriodC. TimeD. Age10.A. ConditionB. QualityC. BehaviourD. Performance13GENDER GAP IN EDUCATIONFor many years now, British girls have performed much better in exams thanboys. Most theories about the causes of this gap (1) _______ the sexes haveblamed the education (2) _______. However, new research suggests that boys’poor performance has nothing to vì chưng (3) _______ internal practices at schools.Instead, external factors, such as different learning styles and how children are (4)_______ up, have to lớn be considered.For this (5) _______, many educationalists are now studying how boys andgirls learn lớn read. They believe that, since reading is (6) _______ taught either bymothers or by female primary school teachers, many boys (7) _______ reading asa woman’s activity & this puts them (8) _______ it.Another factor could be that boys are generally more (9) _______ than girls.When they can’t be the best, they would rather (10) _______ up on education thanbe considered average. Girls seem much happier khổng lồ be second best.1.A. BetweenB. AmongC. BesideD. Beyond2.A. MethodB. StyleC. TechniqueD. System3.A. ByB. FromC. WithD. At4.A. GrownB. RaisedC. GivenD. Brought5.A. CauseB. ReasonC. PurposeD. Objective6.A. GenerallyB. HardlyC. RarelyD. Lately7.A. LookB. NoticeC. WatchD. See8.A. AcrossB. OnC. OffD. Through9.A. DeterminedB. CompetitiveC. PossessiveD. Optimistic10A. BreakB. TakeC. GiveD. Turn14Face-to-face conversation is a two-way process: you speak to lớn me, I reply to.you and so on. Two-way (1) _______ depends on having a coding system that isunderstood by both (2) _______ & receiver, và an agreed convention about (3)_______ the beginning & end of the (4) _______. In speech, the coding systemis a language like English or Spanish; the convention that one person speaks at atime may seem too obvious to lớn (5) _______. In fact, the (6) _______ that peopleuse in conversations và meetings are often non-verbal. For example, loweringthe pitch of the voice may mean the over of a sentence; a sharp intake of breathmay signal the desire khổng lồ (7) _______, catching the chairman’s (8) _______ mayindicate the desire to speak in a formal setting like a (9) _______, a clenched fistmay indicate anger. When these (10) _______ signals are not possible, moreformal signals may be needed.1.A. ExchangeB. CorrespondenceC interchangeD. Communication2.A. TransmitterB. SenderC. MessengerD. Announcer3.A. ShowingB. SymbolisingC. SigningD. Signalling4.A. MessageB. ThemeC. TopicD. Idea5.A. NoticeB. RecogniseC. MentionD. Judge6.A. SignsB. SignalsC. SymptomsD. Symbols7.A. InterruptB. InterchangeC. InterfereD. Intercept8.A. ElbowB. ShoulderC. EyeD. Hand9.A. BroadcastB. ChatC. LectureD. Debate10.A. SensoryB. VisualC. VerbalD. Auditory15THE bbc ENGLISH DICTIONARYThe BBC, in the size of the language-teaching arm of the World Service, andHarper Collins have (1) _______ forces to publish the bbc English Dictionary,“A Dictionary for the World”. It is (2) _______ at the 120 million listeners to theWorld Service who cannot find the expressions in (3) _______ dictionaries. (4)_______ on 70 million words broadcast at least ten times a year on the WorldService, the compilers, (5) _______ by Prof. John Sinclair, have included (6)_______ expressions và word usage, without judging whether they are beingused (7) _______. Elizabeth Smith, the BBC’s Controller of English Services,said: “Our language is (8) _______ on statements by real people, like politiciansand (9) _______, which the đài truyền hình bbc has accurately recorded. As broadcasters, we tryto use a few idioms và metaphors but only to lớn show that we (10) _______ in thereal world.”1.A. ConnectedB. FixedC. AttachedD. Joined2A. PointedB. DirectedC. AimedD. Trained3.A. FunctionalB. TraditionalC. PartialD. Conventional4.A. DrawingB. TryingC. CountingD. Bearing5.A. ChairedB. HeadedC. DictatedD. Treated6.A. CurrentB. RecentC. NowadaysD. Late7.A. SincerelyB. TrulyC. CorrectlyD. Finely8.A. BasedB. MadeC. FormedD. Designed9.A. So manyB. Thus farC. As toD. So on10A, inhabitB. LiveC. StayD. Reside16ADVERTISEMENTSPerhaps the most creative use of language in newspapers is in the advertisements. The writers have khổng lồ catch and (1) _______ the reader’s attention. They often (2) _______ this with a play on words. You read the words & understandthem one way và then suddenly you (3) _______ that another interpretation ispossible. Through that ambiguity the advertisement has caught your attention and the publisher (4) _______ you’ll buy the product.Under the picture of a new car are the words: “Not another family saloon”.The dual interpretation of that phrase is dependent on how it is pronounced.Misread it by putting the ức chế on the second word thereby projecting a messagethe quảng cáo online would clearly not want, và this (5) _______ you look again andpay conscious attention lớn the alternative message.Advertising copywriters frequently (6) _______ use of idioms. One advertisement showed girls wearing different coloured jeans, but none the traditional blueones. Underneath were the words: “Jeanius is (7) _______ ideas out of the blue”.On one cấp độ that (8) _______ the jeans are not ordinary blue jeans but ones in arange of colours. But there is also the suggestion that these new jeans are a suddenpiece of inspiration, a stroke of genius. “Out of the blue” is an idiom which means“quite unexpectedly” and genius often (9) _______ getting a brilliant ideasuddenly. That’s very clever, but it’s not quite the kết thúc of it, because it’s notgenius they are (10) _______ about, but jeanius. That is another play on words;the hàng hóa they are selling, after all, is a pair of jeans.1.A. HoldB. MaintainC. RemainD. Pay2.A. HaveB. MakeC. DoD. Succeed3.A. AwareB. RealiseC. IndicateD. Wonder4.A. MakesB. WishesC. SeesD. Hopes5.A. TellsB. MakesC. CausesD, forces8.A. HaveB. DoC. MakeD. Get1.A. HavingB. ThinkingC. MakingD. Arriving8.A. TellsB. MeansC. SeemsD. Pretends9.A. ComparesB. IsC. ContainsD. Involves10.A. TalkingB. SayingC. TellingD. Meaning17LIGHTNING STRIKESThe man who holds the record for being struck by lightning the most times isex-park ranger Roy Sullivan. Mr Sullivan found lightning (1) _______ lớn avoid:he was struck by it on seven (2) _______ occasions throughout his life, whichwere as (3) _______ as 35 years apart.The first incident in 1942 was the only one where he was not (4) _______ injured - he only lost his big toenail. On all other occasions, he could (5) _______easily have lost his life. In 1972 the “human lightning conductor of Virginia”, ashe was known, had his hair (6) _______ on fire but was lucky enough lớn survive,only to lose all his new hair in the same way a year later. It is hard lớn believe thathe never lost his enthusiasm for (7) _______ hobbies & pursuits but whenlightning struck for a record seventh time in 1977 he was happily fishing, completely (8) _______ that he was about to enter The. Guinness Book of Records.On this occasion he came (9) _______ khổng lồ death because of severe chest andstomach burns. Roy Sullivan died in 1983 but was not killed by lightning. He was(10) _______ upset after being rejected in love và is said khổng lồ have taken his ownlife.1.A. DifficultB. ImpracticalC. NecessaryD. Suitable2.A. VariousB. SingleC. SeparateD. Apart3.A. WideB. LongC. ManyD. Far4.A. VeryB. HighlyC. PoorlyD. Seriously5.A. QuiteB. FarC. MuchD. Well6.A. SitB. PutC. GotD. Set7.A. OutsideB. OutdoorC. OutwardD. Outskirts8.A. UnknownB. UnbelievableC. UnawareD. Unthinking9.A. NextB. CloseC. NearlyD. Almost10.A. StronglyB. HardlyC. HighlyD. Deeply18OWNING A PETThe joys and tribulations of being a pet owner! During our lifetime most of ushave some experience of either owning a pet or being in (1) _______ liên hệ withsomeone who does. Is there such a thing as “the idea! pet”? If so, what characterises the ideal pet? Various (2) _______ influence one’s choice of pet, fromyour reasons for getting a pet khổng lồ your lifestyle. For example, although quite a fewpets are relatively cheap khổng lồ buy, the cost of (3) _______ can be considerable.Everything must be (4) _______ into account, from food & bedding, tovaccinations & veterinary bills. You must be prepared to lớn (5) _______ time onyour pet, which involves shopping for it, cleaning và feeding it. Pets can bedemanding and a big responsibility. Are you prepared to lớn exercise and (6) _______an animal or bởi vì you prefer a more independent pet? How much spare room doyou have? Is it right to lock an energetic animal into a (7) _______ space? bởi youlive near a busy road which may threaten the life of your pet? Pets (8) _______ asturtles & goldfish can be cheap & convenient, but if you prefer affectionatepets, a friendly mèo or dog would be more (9) _______. People get pets for anumber of reasons, for company, security or khổng lồ teach responsibility to lớn children.Pets can be affectionate & loyal and an excellent source of company as long asyou know what pet (10) _______ you và your lifestyle.1.A. NearB. CloseC. NarrowD. Tight2.A. FactorsB. ElementsC. FacetsD. Points3.A. RaisingB. MaintenanceC. UpbringingD. Upkeep4.A. ConsideringB. HeldC. TakenD, kept5.A. TakeB. WasteC. OccupyD. Spend6.A. HouseholdB. HousekeepC. HousetrainD. Housework7.A. DetainedB. ConfinedC. ReducedD, closed8.A. SoB. ForC. SuchD. Much9.A. AppropriateB. SuitedC. LikelyD. Good10.A. FitsB. MatchesC. Goes withD. Suits19Leisure is generally seen as an (1) _______ which takes place outside (2)_______ hours. The peak leisure time for most people is between 6.00 pm and12.00 am, although in recent years there has been an increase in people working(3) _______ hours & shifts, together with more “flexitime”.Leisure is often thought of purely as a (4) _______ activity, i.e. Playing sport.Although many people use their (5) _______ time in this way, there are plenty ofother leisure opportunities that are more (6) _______ in nature, such as watchingtelevision or sunbathing on a beach.It is important to lớn realise that leisure can embrace a whole range of experiencesand activities, although personal choice may be limited due to lớn factors such as ageor provision of local (7) _______.The leisure emphasis will normally change at different (8) _______ of one’slifecycle. Different types of leisure activities tend lớn be popular with varying agegroups. It’s probably true, however, that some members of the older (9) _______are more capable of pursuing active (10) _______ than they are sometimes givencredit for!1.A. EventB. IncidentC. AffairD. Experience2.A. LabourB. WorkingC. EmploymentD. Job3.A. UnsocialB. UnreasonableC. UnsociableD. Unsuitable4.A. CulturalB. PhysicalC. SocialD. Mental5.A. RestB. UnoccupiedC. FreeD. Empty6.A. PassiveB. SelectiveC. ProductiveD. Creative7,A. ConveniencesB. CapabilitiesC. CapacitiesD. Facilities8.A. PartsB. StagesC. SectionsD. Levels9.A. PeriodB. EraC. AgeD. Generation10A. EntertainmentsB. OccupationsC. PastimesD. Games20A black DAY FOR SPORTAppeals were being made last night for Corsicans to come (1) _______ anddonate blood following the collapse of the football stadium in Bastia. The tragedy(2) _______ 26 fans dead; the number of injured has been put at 700. (3) _______to eyewitnesses, workers were still tightening bolts on the temporary scaffoldingonly an hour and a half (4) _______ the match was (5) _______ to begin, và asfans passed into the stadium, the structure, which holds up lớn 10.,000, swayedviolently and (6) _______ collapsed. Many of the (7) _______ were givenemergency treatment on the pitch while more serious cases were (8) _______ tohospitals on the mainland. A spokesman from the firm responsible for the stand’sconstruction could only (9) _______ horrified disbelief. According to him,although some of the bars had collapsed, others should have (10) _______ thestructure, thus preventing it from falling down.1.A. AcrossB. OverC. ForwardD. Up to2.A. LeftB. DidC. MadeD. Remained3.A. With a viewB. As far asC. ReferringD. According4.A. UntilB. BeforeC. SinceD. After5.A. UpB. AboutC. BoundD. Due6.A. GraduallyB. ActuallyC. EventuallyD. Definitely7.A. InjuredB. WoundedC. DamagedD. Wrecked8.A. DeliveredB. TraffickedC. TravelledD. Transferred9.A. SpeakB. ExpressC. SayD. Tell10.A. DefendedB. HeldC. SupportedD. Carried21A FASHION OBSESSIONWhere will the current obsession with designer (1) _______ all end? Over thelast ten years or so (2) _______ names have become the (3) _______ way khổng lồ sellanything. Now everybody seems to have become a fashion (4) _______ so thatpeople are constantly commenting on whether something is (5) _______ offashion or not. People are prepared to lớn pay extraordinary prices, even for jeans andtrainers, just because they are a status (6) _______. However, you can get copiesof đứng đầu designs as these are starting khổng lồ become available khổng lồ the (7) _______ market.Now anybody can get the latest (8) _______ must & the copies are so good thattheir friends need not know that it cost so little. So my advice is to lớn (9) _______out these cheaper stores if you want to see what is coming (10) _______ fashionnext!1.A. TokensB. BadgesC.

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